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Junel 1 / 20 Review

Junel 1 / 20 is a combination hormone birth control pill which is used to prevent pregnancy. It contains 2 hormones: a progestin (norethisterone) and an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol).


Indications for use

  • Prevention of pregnancy;
  • Menstrual disorders.

Mechanism of action

Norethisterone and ethinyl estradiol are active synthetic gestagen and estrogen. Junel 1 / 20 is a contraceptive for oral administration with a predominant progestogen content (however, the progestogen content is relatively small – 1 mg). The action of the drug is determined by inhibition of the gonadotropic function of the pituitary: inhibiting the production of follicle-stimulating and luteonizing hormones, the drug prevents the maturation of the ovule in the follicle and ovulation, as well as cyclic changes in the endometrium, disrupting its implantation ability.

Due to the combination of estrogen with gestagen, the drug under the appropriate schemes of use can both stimulate and delay menstruation and help stop acyclic uterine bleeding.

Dosage and mode of application

Each Junel 1 / 20 pack contains 28 tablets:

  • 21 active tablets (each containing 1 mg norethindrone and 20 mcg ethinyl estradiol);
  • 7 inert tablets with no medication.

The schedule for taking Junel 1 / 20 is similar to that for other commonly used hormonal contraceptives. 1 tablet is taken daily for 28 days. Menstrual bleeding occurs when you start taking inert tablets. If you use this drug for the first time or use it after a prolonged interval or switch from another contraceptive, the first tablet should be taken on the first day of the menstrual period.

To ensure a constant level of hormones in the blood plasma, the interval between regular doses of the contraceptive should not exceed 36 hours.

Side effects

In the first months of taking Junel 1 / 20 pills, you can experience the following side effects:

  • headache;
  • depression;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • tenderness of the mammary glands.

Long-term use of the drug in some cases can cause brown spots on the skin and lead to contact lenses wearing problems.


Junel 1 / 20 is contraindicated in the following cases (including in the anamnesis):

  • venous thrombosis (including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary thromboembolism);
  • arterial thrombosis (including acute disturbance of cerebral circulation, myocardial infarction, retinal artery thrombosis) or precursors of thrombosis (including angina pectoris or transient ischemia);
  • the presence of serious or multiple risk factors for arterial thrombosis: severe arterial hypertension (more than 160/100 mm Hg), diabetes mellitus with vascular lesions;
  • hereditary dyslipoproteinemia;
  • hereditary predisposition to venous or arterial thrombosis;
  • migraine with aura;
  • confirmed or suspected breast cancer;
  • endometrial cancer and confirmed or suspected estrogen-dependent tumors;
  • adenoma and carcinoma of the liver;
  • genital bleeding;
  • postmenopausal period;
  • age under 18 years;
  • postpartum period (4 weeks);
  • breastfeeding period;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug (ethinyl estradiol and norethisterone).

With caution: a family history of venous or arterial thromboembolism at a relatively young age; prolonged immobilization; obesity; thrombophlebitis of superficial veins and varicose veins; dyslipoproteinemia; arterial hypertension; damage to the valvular apparatus of the heart; atrial fibrillation; diabetes mellitus; systemic lupus erythematosus; hemolytic-uremic syndrome; Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis; violations of liver function; hypertriglyceridemia; acute impairment of liver function; menstrual disorders; kidney function disorders.


The effectiveness of Junel 1 / 20 may decrease with the simultaneous use of narcotic drugs, analgesics, tranquilizers, anticonvulsants, and certain antibiotics. Ethinyl estradiol and norethisterone combination can reduce the effectiveness of insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Junel 1 / 20 is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding period).

What if I miss a pill?

Untimely or irregular use of birth control pills can cause spotting.

  • If you miss an inert tablet, just throw it away and continue taking the drug according to the usual scheme;
  • If you miss an active tablet, take it within the next 12 hours. If the interval is more than 36 hours, a contraceptive effect is reduced. During this period you should use other non-hormonal birth control methods.


One Junel 1 / 20 pack is intended for use during a single menstrual period.

The drug should be withdrawn immediately upon approaching pregnancy.

The use of hormonal contraceptives increases the risk of developing thromboembolic diseases, which is exacerbated by the presence of cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, high blood pressure, impaired blood clotting and lipid metabolism, overweight). Women over the age of 35 should either abstain from smoking or use other methods of contraception.

Due to the fact that some drugs can reduce the contraceptive activity of Junel 1 / 20, additional contraceptive methods should be used if necessary (non-hormonal). If it is necessary to conduct regular therapy with other medications, the attending physician should be informed that you are taking this contraceptive.

The effectiveness of ethinyl estradiol and norethisterone may be reduced by regular excessive use of alcohol.

Before using the drug and every six months during treatment, it is necessary to carry out examinations including gynecological control, breast examination, liver function, blood pressure and blood cholesterol control, urinalysis.


I've been using Junel for a month and it sucks. I cry all the time, I get irritated over almost anything. Also, I lost my appetite. I just hate all the hormonal issues I’m having now.
- Sharon Dixon

This pill makes me sick, sweating, nauseous and dizzy throughout the day. Got bad headaches. Can not recommend this medicine.
- Mary Bailey

I’ve been taking Junel 1/20 for 4 months now and I haven’t had any troubles. It cleared my skin and I haven’t gained weight.
- Luella Hunter

Switched to Junel 3 months ago. The first 2 months were okay, but then I noticed brown breakthrough bleeding. Other BC pills worked so much better for me.
- Iris Flanagan

Been using Junel for over 2 years with no complaints. Light and regular periods, no spotting, no weight gain, no acne. I'll be staying on this pill!
- Tammy Napier

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