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Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 Review

Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 is a microdose monophasic birth control drug prescribed to prevent the conception. The drug includes the following substances: norethisterone, ethinyl estradiol and Ferrum ferrate.


Indications for use

  • Pregnancy prevention;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Hypermenorrhea;
  • Hypogonadism.

Mechanism of action

Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 is a combined microdose oral birth control. It contains ethinyl estradiol, norethisterone and Ferrum ferrate devoted to suppressing the ovulation. One more mechanism of action lies in the increase in the cervical secretion viscosity. This aspect contributes to the hindrance for spermatozoa to enter the uterine cavity. Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 prevents the attachment of a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube.

Mode of application and dosage

Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 should be taken on a daily basis, at one and the same time washed down with a small amount of water. The pills are taken for 28 days in a raw, 1 tablet per day. Taking tablets from each subsequent package should begin the day after taking the last tablet from the previous package. There is no need to make a 7-day break. The menstruation comes on the 2-3 day when taking pills containing Ferrum ferrate.


Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • presently or prior diagnosed venous and arterial thrombosis and thromboembolism;
  • specified acquired or hereditary predilection to venous or arterial thrombosis, inclusively of activated protein C resistance, antithrombin III deficiency, protein C deficiency, protein S deficiency, hyperhomocisteinemia;
  • migraine complicated by focal neurological symptoms prior transferred or diagnosed at present;
  • diabetes accompanied by vascular complications;
  • liver failure and severe liver disease including liver tumors in the medical history;
  • severe or acute renal failure;
  • paranephric deficiency;
  • specified or suggested hormone-dependent malignant dysfunctions inclusively of organs of the reproductive system or mammary glands;
  • vaginal bleeding of unclear etiology;
  • diagnosed or suggested pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • oversensitivity to Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 constituents;
  • the intolerance or deficiency to lactose, glucose-galactose malabsorption;
  • hypersensitivity to peanuts or soybeans.

Side effects of Blisovi Fe 1 / 20


The frequency of diagnosing breast cancer in women applying combined oral contraceptives is slightly increased. An increase in the number of breast cancer diagnoses in women taking birth control pills is almost relative to the overall risk of this disease due to the fact that breast cancer is rarely diagnosed in women under the age of 40.

Liver tumors (benign and malignant).

Other conditions known as negative reactions are:

  • women with hypertriglyceridemia, there is an increased risk of pancreatitis;
  • increased arterial blood pressure;
  • conditions that develop or worsen while taking combined birth control, but their relationship has not been scientifically confirmed: jaundice and/or itching associated with cholestasis, cholelithiasis, porphyria, systemic lupus erythematosus, hemolytic uremic syndrome, chorea, herpes during pregnancy, hearing loss associated with otosclerosis;
  • estrogen administration may cause or exacerbate the symptoms of hereditary angioedema;
  • abnormal hepatic function;
  • change in glucose tolerance or the effect on insulin resistance;
  • Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis;
  • chloasma;
  • hypersensitivity (including symptoms such as rash, hives).


The interaction of COCs with other drugs (enzyme inducers) can lead to “breakthrough” bleeding and/or a decrease in contraceptive effectiveness. If any of the side effects indicated in the instructions are aggravated or you notice any other side effects that are not indicated in the instructions, inform your doctor. Get acquainted with the possible interactions when taking Blisovi Fe 1 / 20 on the blister.

What if I miss a dose?

If a woman delays in taking the drug for less than 24 hours, a contraceptive protection is not decreased. A woman should take the missed pill as soon as possible and take the next pill at the custumal hour.

If a woman delays in taking the pills for more than 24 hours, a contraceptive protection is reduced considerably. The more missed pills and the closer the pill missing to the raw of the inactive placebo pills, the higher the chance of pregnancy is.

Blisovi Fe 1/20 and pregnancy

This birth control drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is better to stop taking birth control pills when the diagnosis “pregnancy” is confirmed. When breastfeeding, it is better to postpone the application of Blisovi Fe 1/20 for a certain period of time.

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