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Yasmin 21 Review

Yasmin 21 is a combination birth control pill containing 2 hormones, drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. The medication is used to prevent ovulation.

Yasmin is available in two options – Yasmin 21 and Yasmin 28. These preparations have the same indications for use, mechanism of action, overdose instructions, contraindications, precautions, side effects, interactions, uses in cancer, uses in pregnancy, a guide on bleeding between periods. Visit the Yasmin 28 page to read this information.

Bear in mind that Yasmin 21 has a different mode of application. Read the information below.

How is Yasmin 21 different from Yasmin 28?

Unlike Yasmin 28, this contraceptive contains 21 pills (with hormones) and no placebo pills. In this case, you need to take one pill daily for 21 days in a row, than make a break for 7 days. Once you have finished the last no-medication day, begin a new pack.

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