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Stopping Birth Control Pills: What to Expect?

If you decide to stop using birth control pills, you must follow certain rules since you may experience a variety of adverse reactions. Pay attention to the recommendations of the specialist described in this article.

Stopping Birth Control Pills

Reasons for stopping birth control pills

The cancelation of protective therapy is carried out for a variety of reasons. The need to stop using contraceptives occurs in the following cases:

  • conception planning;
  • the absence of sexual life;
  • a mandatory interruption in treatment;
  • a variety of complications;
  • concomitant therapy.

The main reason for giving up contraceptives is conception planning. It was found that contraceptive, taken for a long time, can reduce the reproductive function of women. To get pregnant, the body must restore its work. For this reason, doctors recommend stopping treatment six months before the start of conception planning. During this period, there may be side effects. The doctor will help to quickly eliminate unwanted consequences and normalize the function of the reproductive system.

In some patients, the need for contraceptives is eliminated when the sexual life ends. If there was a change of partner or the woman was left alone, it is recommended to abandon the tablets. This will allow the body to rest and recover.

You need to take the pillы according to certain rules. With prolonged protection in this way, doctors advise taking a short break every two years. Rest is necessary to maintain the natural work of the ovaries. Refusal to interrupt is fraught with discontinuation of ovarian function. The further chances for fast pregnancy decrease.

Each person has a variety of reactions to taking medications. All contraceptives contain synthetic varieties of hormones. Such therapy often causes unwanted reactions from various systems. During the first three months, side effects should disappear on their own. If this does not happen, you should replace the drug with an analog or choose another method of protection.

Stopping birth control pills is required when prescribing concomitant treatment. The detection of endocrine diseases, neoplasms of unknown etiology, hypertonic disease leads to the appointment of additional therapy. Many drugs are incompatible with contraceptive pills. For this reason, the doctor chooses a different method of protection.

If the patient has such reasons, she should visit a specialist. The doctor will explain how to stop taking birth control pills and what side effects may occur. Proper preparation will help a woman to easily transfer the recovery period.

Advantages of stopping birth control pills

The withdrawal of contraceptive pills will help you avoid the following side effects:

  • formation of thrombi in large vessels;
  • cardiovascular ailments;
  • incorrect attachment of the blastocyst;
  • changing the cycle time;
  • renewal of diseases;
  • weight gain;
  • deterioration of the quality of the skin;
  • body hair growth.

During the taking of birth control pills, the risk of a thrombus is increased. Thrombophlebitis is diagnosed in 10% of patients. The disease is associated with a pathological increase in the number of platelets. These cells capture erythrocytes and form a seal in separate areas of the vascular tissue. Clots pose a danger to the life of the patient. To reduce the risk of such a complication, coagulation therapy is prescribed.

In some cases, contraceptives increase blood pressure. The disease causes a strong narrowing of the lumen of the vessels. Blood pressure increases, hypertension develops. Elimination of pathology is possible only at the first stage of its development. Doctors conduct special measures aimed at normalizing the elasticity and patency of the vascular tissue.

Rules of quitting oral contraceptives

To properly withdraw the drug, you must completely finish all the pills in the last blister. Do not throw the medication in the middle of the package. This can have a detrimental effect on the hormonal system. This effect is accompanied by a background malfunction. The period in the patient will be restored for a long time.

Stopping birth control pills may cause weight. For this reason, you need to follow a special diet. Proper nutrition reduces the risk of gaining weight and helps strengthen metabolic processes.

After the end of contraceptive treatment, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist. The doctor will examine the reproductive organs using an ultrasound machine. If there are any pathological processes, the gynecologist will prescribe a suitable medication.

Stopping birth control pills and menopause

Receiving contraceptives greatly simplifies the process of menopause, making it barely noticeable.

The point is that contraceptives containing certain doses of hormones, aimed at suppressing the work of the ovaries. With the advent of menopause, this is no longer true, as the ovaries are no longer functioning.

It turns out that the use of estrogen in the form of contraceptives, the dosage of which exceeds the amount needed for a woman during menopause, does not make sense.

Restoration of the body

The first consequences of stopping birth control pills are revealed gradually.

The recovery period can last a different time. The following changes occur:

  • development of the endometrial layer;
  • the appearance of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing substance;
  • the construction of a three-phase menstrual cycle;
  • qualitative changes in cervical secretions.

The main change is the restoration of the production of important substances. Ovulation can be restored in six months.

The menstrual cycle of a healthy woman consists of several phases. There are three main stages: estrogen, luteinizing and progesterone. During the contraceptive therapy, the luteinizing phase disappears. Thanks to this, conception becomes impossible. After stopping contraceptives, the phases are normalized.

Discontinuation of treatment is accompanied by dilution of vaginal secretions. In the first months, the patient may complain of an increase in vaginal secretion.

Side effects of stopping birth control pills

After the woman quit taking contraceptives, the following side effects may appear:

  • resumption of pain syndrome;
  • increase in the volume of menstrual discharge;
  • breakthrough bleeding;
  • the disappearance of menstruation;
  • infertility of the first type;
  • depression;
  • acne;
  • anxiety;
  • nausea;
  • migraines;
  • hair loss;
  • breast tenderness

Many patients complain of pain before menstruation. During treatment, soreness disappears. The first real period after cancellation can cause severe soreness of the lower abdomen. This side effect can be eliminated by pain medication.

There may also be an increase in the volume of menstrual discharge. The appearance of the endometrium affects their quality. Discharge becomes plentiful and prolonged. This side effect cannot be eliminated with drugs. Stabilization occurs on its own.

A frequent side effect is breakthrough bleeding. Prolonged rest of the ovaries leads to thinning of the vessels that feed the walls of the uterine body. Renewal of the menstrual cycle can cause rupture of damaged areas. Breakthrough bleeding should be removed under the strict supervision of a specialist. Do not treat it independently. Heavy blood loss can lead to death.

Some women after stopping birth control face an ectopic pregnancy. Canceling can cause a rebound effect. The effect causes a sharp increase in the work of the ovaries. They begin to actively produce sex cells. If unprotected, fertilization may occur before entering the fallopian tubes. In this case, the fetal egg is fixed on the walls of the tube. Pathology is dangerous because of loss of reproductive abilities of a woman.

In a healthy woman, the menstrual cycle has a constant duration. The contraceptive helps to make the period last 28 days. Many patients after withdrawal have a side effect such as a change in the duration of the period. Within a few months, it can have a different length. This is due to the restoration of the hormonal system. After the stabilization of the background, the cycle is restored. If the usual duration does not return, you should visit the medical center.

The frequent reason for using contraceptive pills is not only the prevention of pregnancy but also the elimination of a variety of diseases of the reproductive organs. With miomial lesions, changes in the quality of the endometrium, short-term therapy with barrier preparations are used. After the cancellation, in some cases, the disease can return. In such cases, a different type of treatment is required.

It was also found that quitting contraceptives is accompanied by an increase in hair growth. Unwanted hair growth can appear in the area of teat halos and umbilical furrow. Renewal therapy can eliminate this side effect. But in most women, hair loss is only cosmetic.

There is also the risk of menstruation disappearance. It occurs because of a violation of the hormonal background. Such patients do not have ovulation. Pregnancy becomes impossible.

Side effects after cancellation can be eliminated only under the strict supervision of a specialist. Weigh all pros and cons of stopping birth control pills. Do not make such a decision independently.