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Smart Women’s Choice Vaginal Contraceptive Review

Smart Womens Choice (SWC) is a vaginal contraceptive gel that contains no hormones or germicides. This is the only non-hormonal birth control that is 100% effective with no side effects and is a perfect and safe alternative to hormonal birth control pills, patches and mechanical devices.


Indications for use

This method of contraception can be used by all women of reproductive age. The cream is used both independently and in combination with other methods, which enhances their con-traceptive effect.

The use of Smart Women’s Choice is recommended in the following cases:

  • if you have temporary or permanent contraindications for oral contraception or intrauterine systems, for example, after childbirth, during lactation, after termination of pregnancy and during menopause;
  • if you need occasional prevention of pregnancy (irregular sex life);
  • if you are using oral contraception and forgot to take a pill (in this case, you must additionally use this vaginal cream on any day of the cycle);
  • as an adjuvant in barrier contraception (vaginal diaphragm) or in the presence of an intrauter-ine system, especially with the simultaneous use of certain drugs (eg NSAIDs).

The product is not intended for use in children.

It does not require a prescription.

Mechanism of action

SWC is hormone-free. All ingredients contained in the cream are natural and safe: water, mono- and diglycerides, glycerin, potassium palmate, potassium castorate, potassium oleate, potassium citrate.

The cream works by immobilizing the sperm in the vagina and preventing it from moving to the Fallopian tubes where an egg can get fertilized. The absence of fertilization makes it impossible for a woman to get pregnant. The product does not affect a woman’s hormonal system in any way.

The product works independently to prevent pregnancy but using other contraceptive methods like condoms will help prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Dosage and mode of application

One container of the cream is about 1 ounce. You can expect this to last for approximately 50 applications.

Follow some easy steps:

  1. Scoop out an amount about the size of a small peanut with your finger;
  2. Insert it into your vagina immediately before your partner penetrates you. The cream also provides additional lubrication;
  3. After intercourse, you may rinse external areas with water. You do not need to wash the cream out of the vagina.

The contraceptive effect of the cream begins immediately. In case of repeated sexual intercourse, it is necessary to introduce a new dose of cream.

The amount of cream that can be used throughout the day is not limited.


Cases of an overdose have not been reported.

Side effects

Smart Women’s Choice almost never causes any side effects. But if you are hypersensitive to the components of the drug, you may experience allergic reactions, irritation, tingling, a feeling of warmth at the site of application, as well as contact dermatitis, itching and burning in the vagina and / or partner’s penis. If you have these adverse reactions, stop using the product.

This vaginal cream does not cause headaches, cramps, nausea, bloating, bleeding, or mood swings. It neither affects your hormonal system – unlike birth control pills or IUD.


Do not use SWC if you have hypersensitivity (allergic reactions or irritating effects) to the compo-nents of the drug, vaginitis, ulcers and irritation of the vaginal mucosa and cervix.


The cream is incompatible with soap even in minimal quantities.

The simultaneous use of SWC with other intravaginal agents is not recommended: any other drugs intro-duced into the vagina can reduce the contraceptive effect of the cream. At the same time, it can be used together with condoms, lubricants or diaphragms.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Since this product is a contraceptive, it makes no sense to use it during pregnancy. If you still get pregnant after using this cream, do not worry. The product will not affect your pregnancy.

SWC does not penetrate into breast milk and can be used during lactation. It is safe. It only af-fects the sperm and not the woman’s body.


The effectiveness of contraception depends on the proper use of Smart Women’s Choice.

If you have any diseases of the vagina, you should discontinue using this cream until you stop treatment.

The product does not affect the ability to drive vehicles or work with other mechanisms.

When you decide to get pregnant, just stop using this vaginal cream. You can become pregnant as soon as you stop using this product.

How to store SWC?

This cream does not deteriorate chemically, so it has no expiration date. However, once you open the container, it is recommended that you use the product within one year.

The manufacturer recommends keeping the container in the fridge to prevent the cream from getting runny in warm ambient temperatures. It is easier to apply cool cream.

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