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Viorele Review

Viorele is a combination biphasic contraceptive containing 2 hormones: desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol, that are used to prevent pregnancy.


Indications for use

The main indication for using Viorele is the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

Taking into account the individual hormonal background, a doctor can prescribe the drug for endometriosis, fibroids, polycystosis and other estrogen-dependent pathologies. In addition, this medication is used to correct such violations as acne, menstrual irregularities, severe PMS, painful periods.

These birth control pills are prescribed mainly to young women under 35 years of age.

Mechanism of action

The ethinylestradiol/desogestrel combination interferes with the isolation of their own gonadotropins and prevents ovulation. Under the influence of these substances, cervical mucus becomes thicker, which creates an additional contraceptive effect. A gentle effect on the body allows you to apply Viorele for myoma, endometriosis and other pathologies. As long as the woman takes this drug, her periods are of anovulatory nature since the eggs do not ripen.

Dosage and mode of application

Viorele 28-day pack contains 3 different types of pills:

  • 21 pills containing desogestrel 0.15 mg and ethinyl estradiol 20 mcg
  • 2 inert pills;
  • 5 pills containing ethinyl estradiol 10 mcg.

The pack contains instructions for use. According to it, you need to start taking pills from the first day of the period. It is necessary to take1 tab per day, preferably, at the same time of day. After 28 pills are taken, it is necessary to start a new course.

In case of menstruation delay, you should not discontinue using the drug. Only a doctor can find out what caused the possible failure. Only a gynecologist can decide whether to stop or continue taking birth control pills.

If a woman starts to take the pills in the middle of the period, the course should be completed according to the instructions.


In the case of a multiple increase in the recommended dose, Viorele causes a number of pathological reactions:

  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • a sharp headache;
  • vaginal bleeding.

If the tablets are taken in increased doses regularly, the following reactions can occur:

  • severe rashes on the skin;
  • nausea;
  • impaired vision;
  • swelling;
  • physical weakness;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • mood swings.

If any of the above signs appear, you should immediately contact a specialist for advice.


Hormonal contraceptives can cause health problems in women who have cardiac and other disorders of internal organs, vascular system, and blood.

Contraindications to using Viorele tablets include:

  • risk of vascular thrombosis;
  • neurological symptoms, including a migraine;
  • thromboembolism;
  • diabetes;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis, liver failure, liver failure;
  • violation of hematopoiesis;
  • oncological neoplasms;
  • age over 35 years;
  • vaginal and internal bleeding;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • allergy to ethinylestradiol or desogestrel.

Side effects

With the drug is used properly, no side effects are observed in most women. However, your body can react to this preparation in its own way. The existing hidden diseases can also influence the development of negative reactions.

Possible side effects of Viorele include:

  • thick mucous discharge from the vagina;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • fluid retention in the body;
  • bad mood;
  • pain in the stomach,
  • abdominal cavity.

In some cases, the increase in negative symptoms indicates that the contraceptive is not suitable for a woman.


If you combine Viorele with other drugs or substances, the contraceptive effect may change. Tell your doctor about all drugs, vitamins and food supplements that you are currently taking in order to avoid negative interactions. Birth control pills can interact with the following drugs and substances:

  • Phenytoin;
  • Aminoglutethimide;
  • Phenobarbital;
  • Phenytoin;
  • Ascorbic acid;
  • Carbamazepine;
  • Prednisolone;
  • Primidone;
  • Dicoumarol;
  • Hydrocortisone;
  • Phenobarbitone.

What if I miss a dose?

Missing a birth control pill increases your risk of becoming pregnant. If more than 12 hours have passed between taking the tablets, this is considered a missed dose, the reliability of contraception in this period is not guaranteed.

  • If you miss 1 pill on the 1 or 2 week of the period, you need to take 2 pills the next day and then continue taking pills at the usual time, using additional contraceptive methods until the end of the period;
  • If you miss a pill on the 3 week of the period, you must take a forgotten pill, continue taking pills at the usual time. In connection with the minimal dose of estrogen in the 3 week of the period, the risk of ovulation and/or bleeding increases when a pill is missed. You need additional methods of contraception until the end of the period;
  • If you miss an inert pill, discard it and continue taking pills according to the usual scheme until the blister is empty. You do not need any additional contraception if you miss an inert pill.

Viorele and pregnancy

Pregnancy when taking Viorele occurs in extremely rare cases and is usually associated with improper use of the medication. Delay in menstruation when taking the drug occurs either with hormonal failures or with an unauthorized change in the mode of reception. Do not worry about possible infertility in the background of drug use. Pregnancy after birth control pills in most women occurs usually in the first months, as soon as the drug is discontinued.

The use of Viorele during pregnancy is contraindicated. In the case of pregnancy, you should stop using the drug.

Hormonal contraceptives can affect lactation because they change the composition of breast milk. Therefore, using this preparation is not recommended during breastfeeding. A small amount of ethinylestradiol and desogestrel can be excreted in breast milk.

Switching from other birth control methods

In a situation where a doctor recommends Viorele to a woman using another hormonal contraceptive, she needs to do the following:

  • if another oral contraceptive contains 21 tablets, Viorele can be started after a 7-day break;
  • if another oral contraceptive contains 28 tablets, you can switch to Viorele from the next day.

After extracting the IUD, removing the implant or vaginal ring, the drug should also be used from the next day.

Do not be afraid of switching to this preparation. It does not cause a hormonal impact on the body, like many medications of previous generations.

Use after 40 years of age

A 35-year-old woman has precursors of menopause, her hormonal background changes, and the production of estrogen gradually decreases. Women after the age of 40 years are not recommended to use Viorele since such drugs can provoke unwanted deviations in the endocrine system, cause cardiac and vascular disorders, accelerate the subsequent aging. For middle and older age, the gynecologist prescribes other drugs that are more appropriate to the hormonal status of the ladies.

Special instructions

Viorele is a reliable contraceptive drug: the Perl index (the indicator of the number of pregnancies that occurred during the application of this contraception method in 100 women for 1 year) with a proper application is about 0.05.

The drug does not affect the ability to drive a car and work with machinery.

Smoking women have an increased risk of developing vascular diseases with serious consequences (myocardial infarction, stroke). The risk depends on the age (especially if a woman is over 35) and on the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

The drug does not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases!

The effectiveness of birth control pills may decrease in the following cases: missed tablets, vomiting and diarrhea, simultaneous use with other medications that reduce or change the effectiveness of Viorele.

If you have vomiting or diarrhea after taking the drug, then the absorption of ethinylestradiol and desogestrel may be inadequate. If the symptoms disappear within 12 hours, you need to take one more pill. After this, you should continue taking the tablets in the usual way. If vomiting or diarrhea lasts more than 12 hours, you need to use additional contraception during vomiting or diarrhea and during the next week.


I was prescribed Viorele birth pill by my doctor. My overall experience wasn't too bad. I did suffered from bad mood swings. Frequent headaches and no sex desire. The worst part of all is I start losing my hair. After a year, I started to notice my hair thinning. I look back at the side effects and see loss of scalp hair. Withdrawn it for a few months now, but will have my gyno switch me to something else.
- Carmen Rodriguez

Started taking Viorele birth control about a week ago because the previous contraceptive - Kariva wasn’t in stock at Walgreens. So pharmacists just switched me to Viorele. I have been feeling super sick all week. Mood changes, bad neck and headaches and also was very inflated. Once I figured out that it was the birth control that made me feel this way, I immediately switched back to Kariva.
- Oma Murray

Was exchanged Azurette to this Viorele and it’s the worst. It gave me horrible mood swings, fatigue, depression, and low sex drive. Only good thing is no acne but I’m only 20. I found out this about a month after taking these birth control pills and would rather withdraw them not to risk myself.
- Sina Jobe

Switched to Viorele about 2 weeks ago because the contraceptive that I was taking before wasn’t in stock at CVS. I have been really tired and depressive all week. Also had neck and head pains. Once I figured out that it was Viorele that made me feel this way, I quitted it
- Olivia

I started taking these pills to control my periods. I've been taking Viorele now for 2 weeks and haven't really noticed any adverse reactions.
- Sophia

This pill saved me from acne and healthy periods. The only problem is that my sex drive has weakened. I feel tired and passive every time I have sex with my boyfriend. It was ok before I started birth control. Definitely not recommended.
- Amelia

Viorele is effective for me as birth control and it regulates my periods. The only issue I have is that it makes me nauseous. I’ve been using this drug for 7 months and I still get nauseous from it. I hope I'll get used to it. My sex drive is absent, though. So that’s a real problem. Nausea and low sex drive are the only issues I deal with.
- Mia

Switched to Viorele and it’s the worst birth control pill. Had horrible mood swings, fatigue, and low sex drive. Only good thing is that it calmed my acne. I noticed that I was tired all the time about a month after taking these pills and would rather switch to another contraceptive!
- Emma

I've seen so many negative reviews! I have been on this medication for 5 years. I have some mood swings when my period is close but that’s normal. The only thing I do not like it my low sex drive. But my acne and periods are so much better.
- Charlotte

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