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Errin Review

Errin is a birth control preparation known as “mini-pills”. The main component is norethindrone.



Indications for use

  • Oral contraception;
  • Secondary amenorrhea (discontinuation of normal menstrual cycles for more than 6 months);
  • Bleeding (uterine bleeding caused by abnormal ovarian function);
  • Polymenorrhoea with a shortened phase of the yellow body (menstruation lasting more than 8 days due to disruption of the yellow body formation);
  • Endometriosis;
  • Endometrial cancer;
  • Mastodynia (pain in the mammary glands);
  • Diffuse mastopathy (multiple focal seals in the mammary gland).


Mechanism of action

Increase the cervical mucus viscosity. Progestogen reduces the volume of crypts, thickens cervical mucus, reduces the content of sialic acid and the activity of spermatozoa, narrows the cervical canal, thereby preventing the penetration of spermatozoa and certain microorganisms into the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is explained by both the contraceptive and therapeutic effect of progestogens in inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

Reduce the contractile activity of the fallopian tubes by the threshold of the muscle cells’ excitability.

Have a specific effect on the endometrium: it causes suppression of the mitotic activity of the endometrium, the early secretion of its transformation, and with prolonged use under anovulation conditions, hypnophobia and atrophy of the endometrium, which prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg. The mechanism of action on the endometrium determines both contraceptive effectiveness and therapeutic and depends on the progestogen dose, its type and affinity for the progesterone receptors.

Mode of application and dosage

Errin should be taken daily at one and the same time. The dosage is 0.35mg. The pill should be washed down with water. Follow all the doctors’ recommendations to provide a high-quality protection from unwanted pregnancy.


  • Pregnancy;
  • Thromboembolism (blood clotting);
  • Thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the veins with their blockage);
  • Cerebral circulation;
  • Hepatic diseases;
  • Liver function disorders;
  • Vaginal bleeding from the genital tract of unknown etiology;
  • Hormone-dependent tumors, including tumors of mammary glands.


Side effects

  • Mammary glands tenderness;
  • Weight gain;
  • Bloody vaginal allocations;
  • Digestive disorders;
  • Mood changes;
  • Fatigue;
  • Skin rash;
  • Paresthesia (numbness in the limbs).



There is a decrease in the action of norethisterone in the case of simultaneous use with barbiturates, hydantoins, rifampicin.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a tablet you should specify how much time has passed from the moment of skipping the tablet. If no more than 12 hours have passed you are welcome to take the pill at the moment you understand this aspect. If more than 12 hours has passed you should take the pill immediately. The backup methods of contraception should be applied. If you miss a placebo pill you should throw it away not to be confused in the further reception.

Errin and pregnancy

Errin is not contraindicated in pregnancy. At random reception of a preparation in the early period of pregnancy the preparation did not render teratogenic effect, incl. disorders of the heart and limbs development. The admission of the drug in the postpartum period reduces the secretion of milk and changes its quality indicators.


Enjoying it so far. Had a bad headache & arm pain the first week but no other side effects. Overall, it's been a mild experience and any breakthrough bleeding is probably due to breastfeeding intervals since I've been taking Errin consistently since month 3. 8/10 would reccommend--haven't been on it long enough for a stronger rating.
- Ava

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